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Fish Stall

Position: Dry Food Supervisor

Job Description:

1) To ensure that the orders are at the optimum based in the volume of sales in ensuring no Out of Stock OOS or Overstock causing the loss in disposal

2) To ensure the amount order in correct based also on prevailing existing price. To cut the orders if the price is more than the normal price and to order more when the price is cheaper than the normal price.

3) ensure that the display is full and only good quality fresh items are displayed.

4) To sort out the old stock and pack into ‘’lelong” pack while ensuring those good ones are placed back at the display shelves.

5) To perform Quality Control (QC) of stock received and reject all poor quality stock.

6) To ensure best practice in FIFO (first in first out)

7) To monitor the cleanliness of their department.

8) To ensure all the spare stock are properly stacked at the dry store or cool room.

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
Salary Starting From: RM3000 and above per month

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