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Fish Stall

Position: Complex Executive

Job Description: 

1) To seek out and lease out all available lots for rent.

2) To ensure that the tenants brought in are approved by the management.

3) Ensure payment on rental by tenants is up to date.

4) To ensure all deposits are received and agreements are signed before the vacant lots are leased.

5) To ensure that all agreements are legally stamped, and charged back to the tenants.

6) To handle all discrepancies regarding tenancy issues with tenants.

7) To discuss and negotiate renewal of contracts with existing tenants, including increment in rental.

8) Ensure all water bills, and electricity bills are fully paid by the tenants as per meter reading.

9) Maintain overall cleanliness in the outlets, and to report to the Branch Manager on all broken equipment that require fixing/replacement.

10) Oversee the work of the scheduled Pest Control, and all other works provided by external companies not limited to air-conditional, drainage, and water works.

11) To perform any other tasks which may be assigned by Management for time to time

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
Salary Starting From: RM2400-RM2600 per month

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