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Fish Stall

Position: Grocery Supervisor

Job Description: 

-To ensure all shelves are properly display at all times.

-To ensure all shelves are properly filled up and faced up at all times.

-To consistently checking and filling up the shelf to ensure no empty shelf or half-filled shelf.

-To ensure stocks in the department are being ordered in time, taking into consideration of the delivery lead time, so that there is always sufficient supply.

-To check and recommend Slow Moving items for deletion.

-To ensure expired goods and goods with one month to expiry date are removed from the shelf.

-To ensure FIFO sequence for stock off take from warehouse.

-During shelf display, to always face out the older stock and new stock to be placed at the back row of the display.

-To ensure staff under his supervision are properly trained and work according to their job duties, Standard Operating procedures and Guidelines.

-To plan for efficient management of the department and efficient Manpower allocation.

-To monitor and follow up for payment collection for MOA issued by HQ for Block Display

-To promote selling of Block Display for the branch

-Responsible to issue MOA for Block Display after obtaining approval from HQ

-To ensure proper display of all POP

-Consistently check and ensure all items displayed are with correct pricing
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
Salary Starting From: RM3000 and above per month

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