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Fish Stall

Position: Receiving Supervisor

Job Description: 

1) To be responsible for operating the receiving of goods following the Receiving Policy and Procedures of the Company.

2) To ensure the goods received are in good condition, to reject all expired goods or near expired goods.

3) To ensure all goods receiving are tally with the quantity stated in the LPO.

4) To be responsible for stating date and month of received on the cartons of the goods received.

5) To inform respective Supervisor upon received of goods to them to collect the stocks for shelf display replenishment before keeping the balance in Outlet warehouse.

6) To ensure FIFO sequence when stacking up the Goods.

7) To ensure cleanliness of receiving area.

8) To prepare Daily summary of total receipt using the Daily Receipt Summary and submit up to HQ upon closing of receiving hub.

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
Salary Starting From: RM3000 and above per month

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